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Geoholics Anonymous Podcast

Welcome to this meeting of Geoholics Anonymous! This is another “roundtable” format discussion touching on the current issues affecting the geomatics world.

This panel is made up of Kent Groh, LS (Host of The Geoholics), Ryan Kelly, CP (Co-host of The Geoholics), Linda Anderson (Project Manager for the North Central Texas Aerial Robotics STEM Initiative), Daphne Rickard (Executive Director of Career and Technical Education for Fort Worth ISD), Candy Slocum (Executive Director of North Central Texas InterLink, Inc.) and Stephanie Tennyson (Career and Technical Education Coordinator for the Fort Worth Independent School District).

The topic of this GA meeting focuses on the S.T.E.M. initiative. We touch on the history of STEM in the US, why there is a shortage of skilled workers in many of the STEM occupations (including land surveying), the K-12 STEM continuum model and how industry leaders can get involved by paying it forward for the betterment of their respective professions.