Our services

Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information Technical Support – InterLink provides labor market research on the potential growth or decline of occupations that secondary and post-secondary educators are considering for implementation of career and technical programs.

Program Evaluations

Industry Evaluations of Career and Technical Programs – InterLink developed a process through which industry representatives go into the classroom and evaluate the program based upon industry standards. Elements of the evaluation include curriculum, instructor certification and skill updates, classroom or laboratory suitability, relevancy to industry needs, and many other factors. (This is offered by contract for service and the fee is contingent upon the number of programs or classes to be evaluated.)

Note: All of InterLink’s services except the evaluation are provided to school districts that contract with InterLink.


InterLink is a multi-service, regional agency for educational and workforce grants in the DFW area. We serve the North Texas Region by acting as grant convener, consultant, advocate, and bringing other opportunities which fund development of new programs of study, curriculum development, student and teacher internships, and many other assets, resulting in the improvement of the quality of a quality education.