Targeted Occupations

InterLink’s Targeted Occupations
Identified by Employers for Long Term Growth

North Central Texas Employers provide information about their future workforce needs through InterLink’s Labor Market Survey. Those surveyed are solicited from public and private employers throughout InterLink’s sixteen county service region. Also included in the survey are county and municipal governments, business and professional associations, secondary and post-secondary education institutions, utility companies, economic developers, and local chambers of commerce. Many of the professional organizations and chambers of commerce throughout the region distribute the survey to their members for participation.

InterLink’s Targeted Occupations are taken from the results of the survey. InterLink gauges the potential for occupations to remain viable for future employment by measuring them against factors that are considered to be primary causes for changes in the workforce. The most measurable factors include the growing use of computers, other automation, and technological changes.

After the projected occupational employment is determined, the list of Targeted Occupations is developed by considering long-term criteria.

  • The rate of change in technology is happening exponentially and understanding the implications on the workforce is imperative.
  • InterLink’s Innovation Task Force members use their expertise to inform InterLink about emerging changes and the timelines in which they may change occupational demand.
  • InterLink’s Future Industry Trends Task Force also keeps an eye toward the future as practitioners and thought leaders in a specific industry attend full-day, professionally facilitated workshops to forecast trends and skills, and knowledge.

  • InterLink focuses on Emerging and Evolving Industries and Occupations and the future job opportunities they might provide.